TWICE’s “Feel Special” Off to the Races

On track to 100 Million Views

TWICE debuted their new single “Feel Special” on Sep. 23. After 24 hours, the music video has racked up nearly 24 million views, and nearly 240,000 comments. It was already know n that Mina would appear in the video through reports and the teaser video, but she will not participate in promotions due to continued anxiety related issues.


Here are some of the top comments so far:

This song is so meaningful. All the members struggling and then facing other who struggled the same way as them. This song sould get a lot of more views. This is a special song

Kim Suna

This MV is telling Twice story this year from Chaeyoung photo leak, Sana being hated for a post, Jihyo dating and the world is watching, Mina anxiety and so on……but they will always have each others back, the best part 2:35 when Dahyun was walking in the rain with the umbrella and coming to Sana representing as once and protecting her shielding her from the cold shoulder that was given to her and only Once was the one that comforted her while Knetz and other people jumped on her. So Once lets keep supporting Mina.

Running Man 7012

This song is very powerful. The message is very strong. I’m impressed because they have made this song catchy and energetic yet the lyrics is very impactful and meaningful. JYP really did a great job with this comeback. Still #1 trending here in the Philippines. 🇵🇭

Ralph Emerson Encarnado

Lady Rei Reacts

K Brandon Reacts

Fun Fact: The Maknae is the youngest member of the band.

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