Sausage bread (Sausage-ppang: 소세지빵) (AMAZING!)

Today’s recipe is for Korean sausage-ppang, or sausage bread, which is a hotdog or sausage baked in fresh bread and covered with  toppings and cheese. It tastes like sweet pizza with fluffy dough. I don’t know who invented this snack but it’s very  popular and a common item in Korean bakeries in Korea and abroad. If you’ve never been to a Korean bakery you should check it out! They have coffee and bread but also Korean treats like this sausage-ppang and usually Korean-style sweet desserts like sweet bread, kkwabaegi, doughnuts, or beautiful soft and creamy cakes. You can also buy sweet and cold shaved ice patbingsu, too. The bakeries are popular in Korea and are spreading to many cities and towns around the world, too.

This recipe is made with dough from my roll-ppang wrapped around a hot dog and cut into a pretty flower or leaf shape that’s fun to look at and eat. It’s also easy to eat because the hot dog is pre-cut! They make a great snack or light meal. Children will love this sausage-ppang, and you can freeze any extras individually and then thaw them out and warm them up in either oven or microwave before serving.

Full recipe can be found here.

Fun Fact: The Maknae is the youngest member of the band.

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