READ: Son Naeun of Apink Sympathetically Forgives Online Troll

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Son Naeun, Apink’s Maknae, has decided to forgive a malicious online commenter after it was determined that the accused had a history of mental illness, following an invstigation

Apink’s Maknae, Son Nauen, has decided to forgive a malicious online netizen after it was determined that the accused had a history of mental illness. This decision was made following an investigation where it was discovered that the person who was leaving malicious comments on Naeun’s person social media account had become mentally strained after intense training for a law bar exam. It is being reported that this person is currently being treated in a hospital for their mental illness.

On November 8, the law firm Wooree which represents Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment shared an update on the criminal complaint filed against someone who posted malicious comments on Son Naeun’s personal social media account.

Wooree stated that they had filed a criminal complaint with Gangnam Police Station’s Cyber Investigation Team against someone who had continuously posted malicious comments. The complaint was for intimidation as well as violating The Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Data Protection, etc.

Wooree added, “Apink and the members have been through a lot of hurt because of malicious comments, and their agency and our law firm took a strong response by requesting thorough investigation.” The identity of the suspect was discovered through the investigation.


The suspect’s family formally apologized to the Apink singer and her agency. Naeun was sympathetic to the suspects’ condition. Also with the family apology, she has graciously forgiven them.

In a climate where online netizen’s cyber-bully popular artists and entertainers in South Korea, it is expected that entertainment agencies will begin taking a much harder line on these crimes. Particularly after Korean entertainers like Sulli, have committed suicide due to these online abusive acts.

Fun Fact: The Maknae is the youngest member of the band.

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